Sunday, November 14, 2010

Till Death Do Us Part...

You'll never guess what I did tonight! Alyosha asked special permission for me to join the cast backstage before the show! I couldn't pass it over. 

I got to meet the leading actors and help Alyosha run lines and get ready. 

This is Alyosha's dressing station. She has a little tape spot that says her name as well as her paper plate award to let people know who's station it is. 

Alyosha's changing station is in the boy's dressing room, because she would rather not deal with girl drama. Everyone changes in the bathroom anyway, so it doesn't matter. All they really do in here is talk and play games before the show. We almost played Candyland! 

Alyosha's cue wasn't for a while so she had to use a radio so she would know when it was safe for her to roam the halls without being seen by anyone. The techies have very funny conversations! 

It was a VERY funny night filled with amazing acting, amazing new friends, and amazing fun!


  1. Salut Hodel!

    That is so cool that you got to explore backstage! :) I'm not *as* into the actual acting part of theatre (just watching it is fine by me), but exploring the backstage sounds pretty neat.

    Sounds like the play went well!


  2. Oh, that looks so fun, Hodel!! You got to meet all the stars! The play sounds like it would be really fun to watch. I like Alyosha's pearls, too. :-)