Monday, August 30, 2010

My Summer in Oregon

This summer, I was allowed to travel again! My first stop in my summer adventure was in Oregon. ~Crazy~Doll~Lady~ (On AGFMB) was kind enough to let me visit her and her girls for a few weeks before going on!

Kelsyee woke me up when I got there. There isn't much to do on a three day journay, other than sleep. It's the worst part about traveling to your first spot. In between hosts, I need that sleep, and I'll gladly take it!

On memorial day, Marsali, Kelsyee, and I decided to dress up in old clothes and pretened to be the little girls that came before us! It was very exciting because when we were playing, we saw ducks! Yes, we have ducks in Ohio, but these were Oregon ducks. And ducks are just cute...

We decided to go inside and play with our dolls. SaraDawn, their dog, also wanted to play with us, so we let her! She wanted to be in all of our pictures, too! I liked her, and it made me miss our dogs.

One of the most exciting things that I saw in Oregon was buffalo. I'd never seen a real one before, except at the zoo. They were hudge! And we even saw baby buffalo! They wouldn't make good pets, but they were awesome! I wonder if I can convince Alyosha we need one in the backyard...?

Here we are at Smith Rock. While we were taking this picture a nice man asked if TracAn felt weird setting up photos for us. I'm glad she said 'no', that she was used to it! The man thought it was cool and even took a picture of us for his granddaughter! I felt very special!

I love trains. Cincinnati was a HUGE train spot in the 1930s and 1940s! Here is Oregon, we got to see a bridge that the trains used to go over! It was exciting!

Here we all are at The High Desert Museum in central Oregon. We saw all sorts of things like old cars, baby animals, snakes, otters, and anything else you can imagine! (You can see both the albums on the right!)

On June 20th, we got together and started planning a 4th of July picnic! We made a list of what we needed.

I helped set up the lawn chairs in the nice, cool shade! You never know what Oregon weather will be like!

We played all sorts of lawn games! It was so much fun. This was the last album with "Pooka" in it. RIP SaraDawn! I loved getting to know you!

But at the end of the day... it was time to leave Oregon and all my new friends. I was very sad, but it was on to a new adventure in Virginia and DC! Bye!

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